the development of quality systems

The development of quality systems

The company management systems: 

  • 2001  Obtaining  ISO/TS 16949 certificate
  • 2008  Obtaining  ISO 14001 certificate
  • 2011  Implementation of WCM system

Our goal and ambition is to manufacture products and provide services of the highest quality.

  • Quality is our ambition
  • Customer satisfaction is our goal
  • Environment protection is our continuous care

This programme is our imperative that we follow and carry out in all areas of our company activity.

We implement the World Class Manufacturing (WCM)  system with the aim to achieve the world-class level.

WCM in our company is about introducing complex management to minimise losses and wastage and constantly improve the efficiency, quality and safety of production processes. Its main idea is to eliminate downtime, failures, errors and accidents which can be achieved through personal involvement of all our employees in this process.

WCM objectives:

zero wastage – zero defects- zero resources – zero failures

The main pillars of WCM are:

  • Cost Deployment
  • Focused Improvement
  • Safety
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Workplace Organization
  • Professional Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics – customer service
  • People Development