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Reflex is a manufacturer of components for the automotive industry. We cater to OEM as well as Tier I and Tier II manufacturers.

Our services include: stamping and assembly of metal parts for automobiles, welding, soldering, roll forming and surface treatments, such as powder coating, galvanising and phoshphating.

The company history

Reflex was founded as a partnership in 1989. We started our business from making coatings of powder paints, but the reputation of a reliable service provider allowed us to systematically increase the number of services and widen the circle of customers.



The company profile
A significant moment in shaping the current profile of the company came in 1991, when we started cooperation with The Small Car Factory in Bielsko Biala and Tychy, which continues to this day with its successor, the FCA Group. This cooperation has become an impulse to expand our business and launch new production lines.



We started implementing the next process, i.e. stamping metal automotive elements. It was then that a need arose to build a line for welding, fusion welding and forming. At the same time, we developed a technique for preparation and surface corrosion protection through phosphating and electroplating. All these projects required us to ensure adequate production space, acquire and equip new facilities, increase employment and improve employee skills.



Currently REFLEX has three plants: in Katowice, Świętochłowice and Skoczów. We make products for the automotive industry needs, we employ 165 people and produce daily up to 95,000 parts for passenger cars.



Our team

Krzysztof Nowak
Managing Director
Mariusz Sidorski
Production Manager
Łukasz Trólka
Sales and Technology Manager
Zbigniew Czerwień
Maintenance Manager
Andrzej Pochwała
Quality Manager
Wojciech Kuśnierz
Purchase and Logistics Manager
Małgorzata Kuśnierz
Sales engineer
Magdalena Kopeć
HR & Payroll Specialist
Jarosław Brzęk
Quality Specialist
Przemysław Nowak
Adrian Porczak
Our plants

We have three plants in Silesia: in Katowice, Świętochłowice and Skoczów. We manufacture parts for the automotive industry, producing daily up to 95,000 components for passenger cars.




12 Kaliny Street
41-600 Świętochłowice
tel. +48 32 770 47 00
fax  +48 32 770 47 03
e-mail: biuro@reflex.katowice.pl
Pressing, forming, welding, assembly

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9 Iskrzyńska Street
43-430 Skoczów
tel. +48 32 770 47 00
fax +48 32 770 47 03
e-mail: biuro@reflex-automotive.com.pl


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We are eco-friendly!

We operate according to the  PN-EN ISO 14001 standard related to the environment protection.

The main activities related to the environment protection  in the company are:

  • Conducting business in accordance with applicable regulations and standards for the environment protection.
  • Minimizing the use of chemical substances and mixtures and limiting their impact on the environment.
  • Rational use of electricity, heat, water and other environmental resources.
  • Reducing waste and collecting it in a selective manner.
  • Monitoring  waste disposal from its inception to its recovery and disposal.
  • Continuous investment in modern devices with the focus on their energy saving and other factors in favour of the environment protection.
  • Educating employees and engaging them in activities related to the environment protection.
  • Keeping records required by law, files  and reports related to the environment protection and reporting the required data to  institutions and supervisory authorities.
  • With its care for the natural environment, Reflex emphasizes the eco-friendly character of the company. Implementaion and certification of the environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standards ensures monitoring and supervision over all significant environmental aspects.